"Thank you as usual for getting me back to what I love to do! Dan and Casey your work is so very important and I share your lessons frequently with others. Jen you are always so sweet and accommodating. Thanks!"

- Anonymous

“During my first session I experienced immediate improvement, which has steadily increased. I had sought a numerous variety of treatment over a 6 month period. MFPT offered the first hope and totally met my expectations. Thank you.”

- D.B.

"I loved working with Casey. His therapy was interesting and challenging. I found I could do things I didn't think I could do--throw heavy balls in different positions, lift a 10lb weight, play hockey, as an example. Everything was fun and Casey was always encouraging."

- G.D.

“The cohesive team here at MFPT constantly supported my short term and long term goals for the re-building I needed to do. MFPT is a great asset and resource to the medical field in this area."

- S.S.

“Casey increased my awareness of body mechanics and how to avoid injuries for the future. I learned many new insights/information on how my body was compensating. He gave me an exercise framework that I will be able to use for the rest of my life, remaining injury free, hopefully!"

- K.B.

“My MD said Dan could walk on water (like a God!). I had an absolutely fabulous experience!"

- D.B.

“I am truly grateful for the care and exercise routines I obtained from MFPT. I've been to PT for other issues but I can't express what a difference in the care between here and all the other places I've received physical therapy. Superb! Also, Jen is a wonderful and an important part of the staff. Thank you so very much!"

- J.J.

"Dan is an excellent therapist as well as educator. Not only did he resolve my physical issue but taught me to be aware of how my body moves and to make adjustments to allow my body to move more easily and efficiently. Thanks Dan!"

- Anonymous

"MFPT is the best PT facility of those that I've used. Would highly recommend."

- C.W.

“Outstanding experience from start to finish!"

- W.M.

“The course of treatment prescribed completely alleviated my symptoms and strengthened the areas that were causing problems. I am pain-free and extremely thankful to Casey to be able to get me back to my "old life." Do not hesitate to come here!"

- T.P.

"Staff was excellent. I have returned to full strength, plus some."

- H.C.

“I was very satisfied with Casey’s professionalism and wide breath of knowledge. I had been to MFPT 5 years ago and Dan treated me. Great experience and that’s why I returned. See you the next time something breaks!”

- F.T.

“I learned so much about how my body functions. My future exercise and fitness plans will benefit greatly from my new knowledge. Dan really helped me gain confidence as well!"

- C.I.

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